QOOVI حامل هاتف السيارة الخليوي حامل الهاتف الذكي

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الموديل : QOOVI Car Phone Holder Cell Phone Stand Smartphone Mount Gravity

جبل سيارة الجاذبية

متعدد الزوايا قابل للتعديل

Not Fall-Off While Driving

Securely hold your phone
even under complex road conditions

Multi-Angle Adjustable

The phone mount helps us
optimum viewing angle on road

Unblocked Airflow

With the "Long-Arm" like design,
it won't affect the using of air vent

One-Hand Operation

Just one second to
pick up/put down your phone by one hand

0-Noise Gear Build

Reduce abnormal noise,
create great driving environment

Designed for Your Convenience

Explore the best holder for your phone

No Bother to Remove Phone Case

Hold Your Phone With or Without Case

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with 4.7-7 inch phones

Not Block Your View at All

Enjoy a hand-free and safer drive